​  Arthroscopic shaver system Riton 1080

Next generation, high quality  arthroscopic shaver system control via handpiece or via touch screen .
featuring exactly efficient and robust handpiece characterized by ergonomic and compact construction.
Designed to complete the procedure precsely at the minimal trauma level.


​​​​​​​ - wide range of rotational speeds
 - available direction moodes: forward, oscilation, reverse
 - different oscilation modes
 - automatic handpiece detection
 - controlled directly via buttons on the handpiece or via touch screen
 - fully autoclavable, light and ergonomic handpiece
 - dedicated shaver blades


دستگاه شیور آرتروسکوپی
دستگاه شیور آرتروسکوپی
دستگاه شیور آرتروسکوپی

Riton 1080 Blade and Burs​​​​​​​

​​​​Our SHAVER BLADES are set apart by:
Very good cutting properties; Long service life and durability; Reusability; No metal abrasion; Well-fitting couplings
The benefits to you:
More convenience for operating personnel; Increased precision for surgical procedures; Savings with consumables; Shorter operation times

 - Very good cutting qualities
 - Well seated connections
 - Short operative times
 - Varying models and sizes: Radius, Ful Radius, Bur, Round cut, Agressive, Agressive plus, Tomcat
 - autoclavable blades and burs
 - made with solid material​​​​​​​

بلید شیور آرتروسکوپی

Orthopedic surgical saw & drill 

 - water-proof sealed
 - autoclavable
 - stoplesss speed and functional control
 - powerful micromotor output
 - choosing of the trusted/certified materials​​​​​​​

Orthopedic saw blade 

Saw blades are protected their sharpnedd from the first to the last cut in an operation.this provides a smooth cut area and minimizez heating with shorter cutting time.
 -The hardness of raw material prevents the blade from bending when a saw blade contacts the hard bone surface in the cutting process.
 - rounded edges prevents any injury to user