Arthroscopic shear device Riton 1080 is designed and manufactured for the first time in Iran by the engineers group of Yaer-e Gostar Therapy Company. This product is manufactured using the most advanced technology in the world today and has a powerful processor in Italy and protective boards. It also boosts noise and device control potential, safety and performance. The highest quality components are used in the production of this equipment and all production standards are considered. This product also has GMP-EMC and IRC code approvals by the Ministry of Health.

Riton 1080 Shaver device
Handpiece of Riton 1080 Shaver device with a very efficient design and quality production. The gearbox is powered by Maxon Switzerland. All parts used in this product have an autoclave and Indian Pix connectivity with Ipx7 is completely waterproof. All mechanical, electronic and sterile standards have been respected in the production of this product and have increased the lifespan and performance of the device.


The DarmanYar group, with more than 14 years of experience in the field of design and production of orthopedic surgeries, has been successful in producing Raytheon's arthroscopy equipment for the first time in Iran, such as arthroscopy shaver devices, cdc cameras, and cold light power supply devices. Has been eaten.

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